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Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday Message

It was so wonderful to see so many of you on Thursday at the Family Visit.  I look forward to seeing you again at Back to School Night this Thursday, September 20th at 6:30 pm.  The schedule for Back to School Night is as follows:

PreK-2 Parents
3-5 Parents
6:30-6:45 pm
Presentation from Ms Kaplan (Gym)
Visit classrooms
Visit specialists (Café)
(K parents will have brief presentation in library from Project READ, and will visit specialists after)

Visit specialists (Café)
Visit classrooms

Ice Cream Social and Movie Night

The PTO is sponsoring a movie night with ice cream this Friday night at 5:00 pm.  It is a free event and will be fun for parents and students!
Please bring blankets, bug spray, and flashlights as the movie will be shown on a large screen on the lawn at the front of the school. No dogs are allowed at this event.
If it rains, the event will be rescheduled

Dismissal Forms
Please return your students dismissal form to your student's teacher.  We may not dismiss your child to anyone who is NOT on the dismissal form. This means that if you call with the name of an adult that is not on the dismissal form, we may NOT dismiss your child to that adult.  Safety is of the utmost importance and any adult taking your child home MUST be on the dismissal plan.  You may add to the dismissal plan, but it must be done by the parent or guardian in person, in writing.

AUA Forms
Internet acceptable use agreement forms will also be sent home. Please return these forms to your student's teacher.

Student Absences
There is no absence hotline for parents to call.  If your student will be out sick, we will mark them absent, and you will receive an automated phone call confirming this absence.  There is no need to call the office the morning of your child's absence from school.

I hope you all enjoyed the weekend.  I will see you soon!

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