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Monday, October 1, 2012

Monday Message

It is October, already! The first month of school has flown by and we have had such a positive start to the year.  Some important updates are listed below.

No School
There will be no school on Monday, October 8th and on Tuesday, October 9th for Columbus Day and for teacher professional development.  School will re-open on Wednesday, October 10th.

A reminder to NOT call the school when your child will be absent.  We do not have an absence hotline.  If your child is home sick, you do not need to let us know.  We will mark them absent and you will receive an automated absence call later in the day.

Intervention/Challenge Blocks
The Lowell School is made up of an incredibly diverse community of students. The varying ranges of skills, concept, and vocabulary can vary widely within a classroom.  Every grade has a thirty minute block of time built into the day for “Intervention and Challenge” or “IC blocks”.  Students are reconfigured into groups based on assessment data. Students may receive targeted teaching aimed at closing a gap in skills or they may receive challenge if they are on or above grade level. Almost all grade levels have begun "IC blocks".  Your student may have a different teacher for this part of the day.  Please let me know if you have any questions.

Target Funds
This summer the PTO sponsored a fundraiser through Target stores.  Families voted online so that Lowell could receive funds from Target.  Thank you for voting! The check arrived in the mail recently.  The funds will be put into a Lowell gift account and will be used to support a variety of expenditures not covered by our operating budget. 

"Borrowing" an Idea
This week, I had the privilege of being invited to view our preK teacher Ms Bean's class blog. It is an amazing web space that showcases EVERYTHING our preK students are doing (and they are doing some incredible things)! A part of the blog included "Ms Bean's professional reading".  Ms Bean shared what she was reading to continue her professional learning.  I am going to borrow this idea and share with all of you what professional reading I have been doing! The following is a link to a blog post on one of my favorite blogs "Connected Principals".  The post reminded me of how important it is to keep smiling at work! The post begins with a powerful quotation. “Always smile back at little children. To ignore them is to destroy their belief that the world is good.” ~ Pam Brown 
Enjoy the post, if you have time to check it out!

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