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Monday, September 9, 2013

Monday Message

We had a wonderful first week back last week. I hope to use this blog this year to share useful and interesting information about our school and education in general. The post today is mostly informational-but it contains some important info!

New Family Coffee
We would like to invite parents new to the Lowell school this year, to a family coffee this Friday, September 13th at 8:20 am in the Lowell cafeteria. It is a great opportunity to speak with other new families, parent leadership, and me (Ms Kaplan)!

CORI Forms
In order to volunteer in the school or chaperone a field trip, all non-staff must fill out a CORI form. Once you do this, you are approved for THREE YEARS.  If you have not filled out a CORI yet, please take a moment to read the following information:
-CORI forms are available right outside of the main office.
-To complete the process, bring a copy of your drivers license  and the completed form to the table in front of the main office between 8:05 and 8:45 am.
-CORI checks usually come back within two weeks. 

Absent Students
Please do not call the main office if your student is absent. If your child is out, you will receive an automated absent call. If you receive the call and your child is NOT absent, then please contact the office.

Dismissal Forms
Please return your students dismissal form to your student's teacher.  We may not dismiss your child to anyone who is NOT on the dismissal form. This means that if you call with the name of an adult that is not on the dismissal form, we may NOT dismiss your child to that adult.  Safety is of the utmost importance and any adult taking your child home MUST be on the dismissal plan.  You may add to the dismissal plan, but it must be done by the parent or guardian in person, in writing.

Ice Cream Social and Movie Night

The PTO is sponsoring a movie night with ice cream this Friday night at 5:00 pm.  It is a free event and will be fun for parents and students!
Please bring blankets, bug spray, and flashlights as the movie will be shown on a large screen on the lawn at the front of the school. No dogs are allowed at this event.
If it rains, the event will be rescheduled

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