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Monday, October 28, 2013

Monday Message

I usually post quick informational updates on my weekly blog post, yet I always wish I was including more on our students, teachers, and on teaching and learning.  This year is the first year of a new teacher evaluation system. This evaluation system involves frequent observations of all teachers. It has been a challenge to dedicate time to these observations and writing feedback after the observations, but it has been an amazing experience for me so far. There are so many wonderful things happening in our school! Some of the wonderful things...
  • Students preparing to communicate with their pen pals ("ePals") in another country.
  • Students excitedly explaining to me the variety of reading strategies they are using to interact with a book.
  • Students harvesting vegetables from our Lowell Learning Garden to use for a science lesson.
  • A lunch group problem solving, together, something that happened on the playground.
Okay, now for the business side of the the blog!

No School Next Week
There will be no school on Tuesday, November 5th as the school will be open for voting and teachers will be engaged in professional development.

Drop and Go
A reminder to drop and go in the mornings on Lowell Avenue. DO NOT get out of your car when in the drop off line. Our goal is to have traffic move smoothly and quickly through the drop off line and to prevent students from being tardy to school. 

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