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Monday, June 9, 2014

Monday Message

Acting Principal
Many of you may know (or most likely have noticed) that I am expecting my second child this summer.  I will most likely be on maternity leave from August until the start of the new year in January 2015.  It is with great pleasure that I am able to announce that Allison Donovan, elementary curriculum coordinator, will be filling in as acting principal of the Lowell while I am on maternity leave. Allison has been the elementary curriculum coordinator for the past two years and has accomplished so much for our elementary schools in that time. Allison was an exemplary elementary school teacher and teacher leader before becoming coordinator.  Allison and I have worked closely together over the past two years and she has been a great presence and addition to the Lowell community. Teachers are thrilled to have Allison as their administrator in my absence, as she understands the Lowell school well and is an incredibly smart, thoughtful, hard working leader.  We are planning to have a gradual and very smooth transition as I prepare to take leave. I will send my usual end of year letter on the last week of school and will also communicate with you over the summer up and let you know when I am "officially" on leave. I plan to stay in touch with Allison and support her through the time I am on leave.

Field Day!
Field Day is this week on Thursday. If you need to dismiss your child from school any time after 9:30 am on Thursday, please come to Victory Field. We will be set up to dismiss from there as the whole school will be at Victory! More information has come home from our PE teachers about this day as well. Students should bring a bagged lunch to have at Victory.

Calendar 2014-2015
I have been fielding many questions about the upcoming school year calendar.  We are still awaiting the final calendar to be posted, communicated to us, and finalized.

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