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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Summer Updates!

Hello! I hope you are all enjoying summer so far. I am writing with just a few summer updates.

Lowell Facilities Issue
Over fourth of July weekend, the sprinkler system at the Lowell malfunctioned. This caused some flooding and damage to our boiler room.  While I feel so relieved that the damage was so localized and was to an area of the building that is not used by any students or staff, it did cause some significant problems.  I am currently receiving daily updates about the assessment of the damage and about the plans for repair.  Currently the Lowell is closed so that repairs may be made. Our custodians are still working hard as they normally do to get the building ready for opening of school and our director of facilities is working with a number of our contractors and service providers to remedy the boiler room damage.

As the Lowell is temporarily closed, I am working from home and from central office while repairs are being made. There was no electricity and no fire protection for a brief period of time and there is no air conditioning currently (I am very pregnant and consequently very hot).  I have had intermittent access to my voicemail but I am here for you! Please email me if you have any questions or if you would like to schedule a time pick up your student's report card.

Placement Letters
Every year we send placement letters out at the beginning of August. We will do this again this year so you should expect your student's letter with their class assignment for next year towards the end of the first week of August.

First Day of School
I am sure your student does not want to think about this yet...but the first day of school is Thursday, September 4th! Prekindergarten and kindergarten students follow a somewhat different schedule for starting school and those details will be outlined in the placement letter.

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