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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Weekly Updates

The return to school, after the tragic events of last week, was a smooth one.  Students seemed to be happy, engaged, and were supported by their teachers and other Lowell staff if they needed it. We will continue to support our students and each other in the coming days, weeks, and months. As always my door is always open if you would like to talk!  I do have some updates about the week.

School Site Council
Site Council will meet this Thursday at 7pm in the Lowell lounge. We will be writing our Lowell School Improvement Plan. It is an open meeting, all are invited to attend!

Intervention/Challenge Block 

The Lowell School is made up of an incredibly diverse community of students. The varying ranges of skills, concept, and vocabulary can vary widely within a classroom.  Every grade has a thirty minute block of time built into the day for “Intervention and Challenge” or “IC blocks”.  Students are reconfigured into groups based on assessment data. Students may receive targeted teaching aimed at closing a gap in skills or they may receive challenge if they are on or above grade level. This block is a part of our system of tiered interventions that we provide all of our students with. Earlier this month, all grade levels changed IC groups. This will be the last IC group change for this school year.

Spirit Days
Many students and staff are wearing Watertown colors in honor of our town pride today.  We may thoughtfully plan another spirit day to thank our towns "helpers" or first responders in the coming weeks. 

Wrapping Up...
Earlier this month our students reached their reading goal! This meant that I had to be wrapped up in a (very large and heavy) snake! Cameras were snapping away as I stood very still in front of the entire school! Enjoy the photo below!

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